Dassault Group is French aerospace company that designs and builds military aircraft, business jets and space systems. Dassault Aviation, the main subsidiary, is the international aircraft manufacturer of military, regional, and business jets. Dassault’s pioneer digital technologies, especially CATIA™, the 3D CAD/CAM system, has become a global standard. It was first founded in 1929 by […]


Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services. With headquarters in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975. It is best known for software products such as the Microsoft Windows line of operating […]


Airbus SE is a European multinational aerospace corporation was the world’s second biggest  aerospace and defence company in 2018. Registered in the Netherlands, Airbus designs, manufactures and sells civil and military aerospace products worldwide and manufactures in the European Union and various other countries. The company has three divisions: Commercial Aircraft, Defence and Space, and […]


Founded in 1998, by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google LLC is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include online advertising technologies, search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware. It ranks among the Big Four technology companies, alongside Amazon, Apple and Facebook. In August 2015, Google announced plans […]


Bombardier Inc was founded in 1942 by Joseph-Armand Bombardier in Valcourt, Quebec as a snow mobile manufacturer. Today, it is world’s leading manufacturer of a range of regional airliners, business jets, and public transport equipment, especially trains. Its aviation division, Bombardier Aviation, is headquartered in Montreal and its public transport division, Bombardier Transportation, is headquartered […]