Civil Engineers to be in huge demand in coming years!

Construction is poised to become the largest employer by 2022, employing more than 75 million people. With close to 1.5 million engineers graduating in India every year, the country needs approximately 4 million civil engineers on an average, over the next decade, to deliver potential real estate space and planned infrastructure.

New wearable tech could help reverse early baldness

Scientists at University of Wisconsin-Madison are working on a low-cost technology that would be able to reverse baldness through a non-invasive growth stimulating technology that utilises the energy created by the body’s movement. This would be could someday be as easy as wearing a hat.

TCS hires 30,000 Graduates – 36% women in them

TCS has issued over a whopping 30,000 offer letters to graduates fresh out of college from around the country. In Q1 (April-June 2019), it opened its doors to 12,356 employees, the highest numbers in the last five years. This brings the consolidated head count at TCS to 436,641 employees, as of June 30th, 2019. At […]