The path to get there

Psychometric testCheck if you are made for Data Science & Machine Learning. Entrance TestsPrepare to get into the college you like CollegesApply in colleges that offer this course. Further StudiesIf it helps your career. You can even do this after a few years of work experience. Build NetworkBe in touch with people in the industry […]

What are current trends in microelectronics engineering?

As a highly dynamic and versatile sector, microelectronics is a hotbed for innovation. Recent studies and numerous reports now suggest that the growth in electronics, and thus in microelectronics is being driven by wearables, next-generation data storage solutions, wireless charging and micro-LED. Apart from that these are some of the other areas that have been […]

What is Microelectronic Engineering?

Microelectronics is a specialised field of engineering that exclusively deals with the study and understanding of the design and development of microchips. A variant of electronic engineering, microelectronic engineering deals only with components at the micrometre-scale or smaller. We cannot overlook the prevalence of micro-electronic components in our common world—we find it  in almost everything […]