The path to get there

Psychometric testCheck if you are made for Data Science & Machine Learning. Entrance TestsPrepare to get into the college you like CollegesApply in colleges that offer this course. Further StudiesIf it helps your career. You can even do this after a few years of work experience. Build NetworkBe in touch with people in the industry […]

Tata Chemicals

Tata Chemicals Limited is an Indian global company with interests in chemicals, crop nutrition and consumer products. It is headquartered in Mumbai, India, and is one of the largest chemical companies in India with significant operations in India and Africa. Tata Chemicals is a subsidiary of Tata Group conglomerate. Tata Chemicals has the second largest […]

What are the future prospects of Chemical Engineering?

In this age of Information Technology, Chemical Engineering might seem to have been relegated to the sidelines, but that does not mean it has lost its appeal in the industry. Freshly graduated Chemical Engineers can look at job prospects in several sectors and industries. Apart from being part of traditional chemicals-centric industries such as petroleum […]

What is Material Sciences Engineering?

The interdisciplinary field of science that involves the design and discovery of new materials, especially solids, is called materials science. Now recognised as a distinct field of science and engineering, the current definition of materials science is the hybridisation of metallurgy, ceramics, solid-state physics and chemistry—making it an academic discipline rising from the fusion of […]

What is Chemical Engineering?

Chemical Engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the development of processes and the design and operation of plants to efficiently use, produce, design, transport and transform energy and materials. Chemical engineers develop and design chemical manufacturing processes which include designing equipment, systems, and procedures for refining raw materials and for mixing, compounding […]