The path to get there

Psychometric testCheck if you are made for Data Science & Machine Learning. Entrance TestsPrepare to get into the college you like CollegesApply in colleges that offer this course. Further StudiesIf it helps your career. You can even do this after a few years of work experience. Build NetworkBe in touch with people in the industry […]

What are the current trends in agricultural engineering?

Like any other industry, technology is changing the ways of agricultural operations too. To improve the production, management and harvest of a good crop and yield, research and developments in machinery, software and genetics are always underway. Precision Agricultural Technology: It is one of the greatest innovations in farming technology and the latest approach to […]

What can you do after Agricultural Engineering?

Several Agricultural Universities and Engineering institutes in India offer Agricultural Engineering as a discipline. Even though it may sound unattractive, it is in fact a highly job-oriented field of engineering, especially in an agri-heavy such as India. Graduates with an agricultural engineering degree can easily land a job as an officer in any of the […]

What is Agricultural Engineering?

Agricultural Engineering is a specialised discipline of engineering that deals with the study of agricultural food grain production and processing. It involves understanding of concepts from the disciplines of civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering, as well as the technological aspects of agricultural principles. There are also elements of animal and plant biology that are […]